The First Words

Hi, blessed people! How often have you felt like something awesome is just around the corner? You can feel it in your bones – that tingling, that yearning, that indefinable something that gives you the hope you need to face the day. Quite recently, I’ve been on my toes looking for that miracle to turn the corner. But, meanwhile, I write.

It was suggested that I write as I wait for His plans for me to come to fruition, but the question rises again and again, rearing its ugly head, what do I write about? I have thoughts rattling around in my head like snakes, hissing angrily at being captured or disturbed. But what do I do? I have no way of pulling them out and making sense of them. Can you imagine the pain and the fuss involved in pulling out a snake from a drain and making it uncoil and remain still long enough to understand or learn about it? (Okay, why you would want to do something as weird as that is beyond me but as comparisons go, this works.) That’s how complicated this process is.

And yet, I write. I start my process here. As I start to make sense of His plans for me, I write the first words in faith – My Lord’s Will Be Done.


4 thoughts on “The First Words

  1. I am thrilled to have run across your blog yesterday reading your Daily Prompt response to “vision”. Something told me to take a look around your blog and see what more you had to offer. I am really into your writing. I’m glad God has you blogging while you wait. The gift of writing is an extraordinary gift. It is a gift that can move people, change them, inspire them, and much more. Also, when you write you aren’t just shaping others you are shaping your self as well. Writing your thoughts down can heal a hurt soul. And sharing those thoughts could possibly heal the soul of another. So as far as those snakes go, grab them and figure it out as you go along. Don’t focus on unraveling them, or trying to understand them. Just examine them as they are in the moment and get to work. You can always ball one back up and throw it back in or throw it out if it doesn’t work well with the others. Just my opinion. My mind races with several thoughts a second (if that’s possible), and I just start typing what I see in my head. I backspace often and sit still in silence at times. But for the most part I just let it flow and go with it. Most of my writing that I put lots of thought and effort into tends to be my worse work hahaha. As a result I just take my thoughts and sort them out in black and white once they are freed from my mind. It makes for better writing for me! Good luck, and I look forward to more of your thoughts!


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