A Klutz and Proud Of It!


Yeah, don’t bother looking around. That noise you heard was probably me landing on my behind or my knee forcefully meeting a stationary object.

It’s not like I’m a klutz – well, not really. It’s just that when I am in a room full of people, I am so busy looking around and noticing them, I forget to look at where I am going. (At least that’s what I tell those who, after laughing, still have the breath to ask me what happened, and I’m sticking to that story. So there!) 🙂

The incident may have added another bruise but it also got my creative juices flowing. It got me thinking about the times I was so busy with what the world was throwing at me that I took the eye off the goal – Jesus.

Does it feel to you that the world is suddenly resounding with the latest songs, movies, games and TV shows, not that I don’t enjoy them – especially the sci-fi and mystery ones (remind me to talk to you about all the reasons why I like Dr Who, Fringe, Sherlock, etc) – but somehow, if you aren’t careful, they also get you to move your eye away from the Father.

You may still see me walking into lamp posts and tripping over the sidewalk, but I am okay with that as long as my spiritual eye is on my Father and my spiritual walk is a smooth stroll.


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