What Kids Say!

Kids! They really can take you by surprise.

I regularly help out with the Kids Church and love it! They are all adorable – even with the unstoppable questions and the unquenchable energy.

Spending time with them is a learning process. It can be quite challenging trying to talk and retain the attention of a group of 15-20 kids with ages ranging from 4-15.

Seriously, say the Noah’s ark story in an animated manner and the older ones look offended.

“Puhleeze! That is so childish!” is the look I get.

Go the other way and make the story less animated and more conversational so the older ones can discuss the situation, and the younger ones throw you a disgusted look.

“What in the world are you talking about?”

Finding the right balance has been tricky but quite educational and fun. Fun, because, I can never predict what they are going to say next.

I’ve been witness to conversations like:

“Of course I know what Christmas is. That’s the day Jesus was born to Joses and Moses.” – and this with an offended look.

“Auntie S, after talking about Faith can we talk about Amy? I don’t get her at all.” – and this when we were starting a lesson on faith… in God.

Hilarious and yet educational!

Many of these kids and their families are new Christians. All of us volunteering there understand the responsibility resting with us and we wouldn’t give it up for anything. But we are also grateful that we get to have fun and laugh even as we tell these kids of their heavenly Father’s amazing love.



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