Mediocre Musicians Rule Too!

Ah, Music!

To be able to  belt out songs that resonate, to create harmonies that singe the heart, to imbue a sense of well-being with chords and to inspire awareness with thought-provoking lyrics – yeah, I can do none of those. But I am also grateful that when I sing I don’t cause the neighbor’s dog to wail in accompaniment or the birds in my garden to flee in despair.

What I am is a mediocre music-maker, and I am okay with that.

If the world had only the most talented of guitarists, drummers, singers, pianists, etc, they’d be so busy creating scores of beauty that they’d miss their contemporaries’ works. We ‘mediocre musicians’ who lack the skill they possess but yearn to find the sort of fulfillment they get, can best appreciate their work.

For all those of you who have listened to musical works in awe, who have tried to duplicate them without satisfaction, who tried to write lyrics before deleting them hastily, hang in there! You and I, we are here to form a balance. We are the ones that bridge the gap between the stellar performers and the tone-deaf artists. The world needs us too.

Convinced you, have I? Well, what do you know? Maybe that’s my talent – to spin words to fit my version of the truth – also called a storyteller, and I’m okay with  that too. 🙂

(Written in response to today’s one-word prompt: Music )


2 thoughts on “Mediocre Musicians Rule Too!

  1. I find joy in music – I don’t play or sing particularly well – but I know enough to thump out Christmas Carols and other simple stuff on a piano and sing in tune. It’s fun. It brings me and others around me happiness. That’s music we can all do.

    Love your thoughts here.

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    • Louise, ‘thumping’ stuff on a piano is more than I can do. So, good on ya! 🙂 But I do get what you mean about feeling happy with just singing simple stuff with friends and family.
      Glad you liked the post and thanks for the kind words!


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