Chaos’ Promise of Beauty

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder – I guess it just means that it’s all a matter of perspective.

I quite often like to attempt at creating beauty through my extremely innovative attempts at cooking. Television’s cooking shows galore have a lot to answer for. I see those amateur cooks throw things together and I go, “Okay, throwing ingredients together that epitomize contrariness? I can do that!” So, that’s what I do – the ensuing chaos is quite a sight, and sometimes smell, to behold. Quite often, I wouldn’t even bother attempting a taste test. But I definitely enjoy the experience.

And isn’t that the point of life? Shouldn’t we always be stretching our limits, trying new things and creating chaos out of our regimented, well-ordered lives? Can we ever be at our creative best if we don’t break out of what makes us ordinary so that we can notice and then try to embrace the extraordinary? And isn’t trying something new always a bit chaotic?

However, at some point, when I have created chaos long enough, when the unfamiliar has occurred so many times even my infinitesimal brain has begun to recognize the signs, BAM! – chaos is no longer a stranger and my human eyes can recognize the beauty within. It is at this stage that most of my recipes turn out delicious – so, basically, I just cook something about ten times before I can make it reasonably edible. 😛

Creating beauty out of chaos has been running through my head these last few days. I’d been reading about the big creation in Genesis, and I’d taken to wondering how our God thinks. I know without a shadow of doubt that even trying to comprehend something as monumental as His way of thought is beyond my human ability. But nothing wrong with giving it a try, right?

As I think of God creating the universe, I can only wonder at how He saw order in chaos. Unlike my culinary fiascoes, He didn’t need to experiment till He came up with the best result. He saw the nothingness that existed, the chaos that reined, but despite it, He saw through to the promise of the beauty. And isn’t that what makes Him absolutely amazing – He still looks at us and sees something beautiful, something worth saving, despite the chaos that is, quite often, our lives.

As I said before, it’s all a matter of perspective – you can choose to see the chaos or the promise of the beauty concealed within the chaos. I’m looking forward to my next experiment at chaos. What should I try – something new with poultry, you think? ;P

(In response to today’s one-word prompt, Chaos )


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