Surviving the Ages

Humans have survived wars, natural disasters, diseases, and a whole lot more, because we’ve adapted to all that is thrown at us and we’ve turned survival into a form of art. We tell ourselves that this, too, shall pass, and carry on. When faced with a quandary, our little grey cells immediately take to analyzing the situation and deconstructing the problem to arrive at the best possible solution.

Of all the gifts that God has blessed us with, I’d say the skill to survive is probably up there with the most important. In fact, quite often, it isn’t even a skill. It’s a desire so entrenched within ourselves that, when in trouble, our flight or fight response aka the survival skill comes to the fore. But we have that to rely on only when we are in immediate physical peril. Surviving emotional troubles is another ball game altogether.

Do you know of any perceptible skill or an inherent gene that helps us through emotional difficulties?  A broken relationship, a state of unemployment, a failed exam, a distressing diagnosis, etc, are all problems that our fight or flight response cannot help us with. Although we cannot rely on ourselves to get us through this, I believe He’s provided us with more than adequate aid to survive these times.

It couldn’t be a coincidence that He engineered His Word to include promises and words of encouragement galore for those of us facing emotional worries. The emotional part of us or our souls, have always been offered a choice in times of trouble  – either trust in His Word or try to go about it our way i.e., either plod through the difficult times knowing that He has our backs or fail miserably at reaching the best solution, respectively. Our emotional survival rests in our hands – all we need to do is make the right choice.

It appears that we humans have survived physical dangers and emotional pitfalls of all sorts through the ages because of the skills and options offered to us. How often have we turned back to thank Him for these, I wonder?

(In response to the day’s one-word prompt – Survival)


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