Through the Reading Glass(es)

Live a life of visual gluttony and you’ll have to pay the price.

No, it’s not the proverb of the day. That’s me bemoaning the fact that I have to wear glasses. Seriously, with the number of carrots I’ve ingested since childhood, I ought to have Superman’s vision. But, apparently, if you read all your day and half the night away – and make sure you do it since you turn 6 – by the time you hit the ripe old age of 32, your vision will be compromised too. The option of contacts is always available but, hmm, how do I put this – foreign objects inserted into my eye – yeah, not happening!

It’s not like I totally dislike my glasses. It’s just that they are not conducive to staying where they are placed. Apparently gravity works faster on my glasses causing them to slip down my face (no, it’s not my oily nose), and anyone who wants to refute my very logical point will be in serious trouble. So, watch it!

Fortunately, I don’t need to wear my glasses all the time. Just when I am reading and when I need to see things that are at a distance. So, when I am out and about in the city sans glasses, I am good… usually. Let’s just say I had a bit of a mishap recently. There I was minding my own business, meandering down an aisle in a store with my head abuzz with answers to a crossword puzzle I was trying to solve, when my eyes focused on a gentleman waving and smiling at me.

“Wow, that’s one big smile. Better wave back. Rude to not do so,” I think. So I wave back at him while frantically trying to place him.

Did I meet him at church, or that barbecue last weekend or was it at K’s house? I must have met him somewhere, right? Wrong. Apparently, he was waving at someone behind me and as I didn’t have my glasses on, I couldn’t see that his eyes were trained at someone behind me… of course, that’s only until I waved back. Then he was looking at me and frantically trying to remember where he’d met me.

Let’s just say, minutes after the incident, this blogger found the superhuman ability of vanishing at will. Maybe carrots brought out the Invisible Man instead of Superman in me. Think H. G. Wells knew the real secret of carrots?   🙂

(In response to the one-word prompt – Vision)


3 thoughts on “Through the Reading Glass(es)

  1. Great take on the Daily Prompt. As a longstanding member of The Corrective Lenses Club. I can relate to glasses behaving badly. Yes, it is their fault they slide down our noses. However, I did manage to become a professional contact wearer. I find glasses are a great look for everyone except myself! I just can’t get past something being on my face. I really enjoyed reading your creative thoughts on “vision”. Especially since I too am of the ripe old age of 32. I can appreciate a good laugh about the errors we make as a result of our lack of vision at times.

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    • Thanks! Glad you liked the post – not everyone gets my humor. So when people do, hah, cue the violins! 😛 As for the contacts I’ve been trying to psych myself into wearing them – hasn’t worked yet. 😦

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      • I guess I have a similar sense of humour, because I enjoyed every moment. As for those contacts, they aren’t for everyone. I was just determined at the age of 16 to not wear glasses. I had spent my whole life without something on my face and wasn’t about to start then. I was late for school several mornings trying to get those things perfectly placed on my eyes, but it was worth it!


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