Relationship in Progress

I like a semi-regular dose of science fiction in my life. It can be from a book or a movie – I don’t really care. But I like stretching the limits of my imagination to comprehend the existence of the inexplicable. However, the movies and shows I watch are rarely dependent on the reviews people post. I usually go with my instinctive response to the first fifteen minutes of the show/movie. Sounds illogical to some, I know. But it certainly is fun – not knowing what to expect and as a result, having the opportunity to form my own ideas without being influenced by someone else’s.

My husband, L, on the other hand, is the sort of guy who loves documentaries and biographies. He conducts a comprehensive survey before booking movie tickets or starting a new series on Netflix. He enjoys collating copious amounts of research on everything before making his mind up. He likes being prepared and appreciates the heads-up reviewers offer.

After 7 years of marriage, L and I have come to an understanding – I don’t always get him and he doesn’t always get me, and we’re okay with that. We still have moments of what-in-the-world-is-he/she-thinking, but it isn’t as often as it used to be. 🙂 Now, when L sees me jump into something headfirst, he doesn’t look bewildered and wonder aloud if I have lost it – well, he doesn’t make it obvious at least. And, when L spends hours researching something inconsequential, I don’t lose my patience… often. 🙂

We have, I think, arrived at our version of a healthy relationship. It isn’t picture perfect – as no relationship is. But we’ve found that what makes us happy together is knowing we’re different and finding the advantages in each other’s differences – L is more spontaneous because of me, and I am armed with a lot of data before making huge decisions because he does the research. However, there still are days this understanding doesn’t stop an argument in its tracks. That’s when we located another gem of wisdom – the importance of keeping a healthy distance till tempers cooled.  😛

And, thank God, it’s a relationship progressing in the right direction. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

(In response to the day’s one-word prompt – Healthy)


2 thoughts on “Relationship in Progress

  1. Just started exploring you’re blog, thanks to you Lijo for posting on fb, or else would have have never bumped into one amazing blog, I love the way you write – short and crisp!!!


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