Through Eyes of Red

I love my life. What’s not to love?

I enjoy travelling and I get to go everywhere. There is no palace, no suburb, no country, no continent, I have not visited. You think you’ve been to places? Hah! If I were a photographer and kept notes of every place I’ve been, you’d see I was the pro.

I love to meet people – babies, teens, adults and the elderly, I enjoy them all. Most people I meet are quick to embrace me. Often, I arrive at a place because I’ve been invited. So, rarely am I ever turned away.

I have a job that I absolutely adore. Sure, it may seem weird to some, but I’m okay with that. I am confident in myself. I like the way I look and am always en vogue – the swirling mists of red that wrap me in a warm cocoon no matter the weather comforts me wherever I go. But I wish you could see the real me. Unfortunately, often when I visit one of you, you are so distracted with yourselves and your imagined grievances, that you don’t actually see me.

You do, however, know me by name. I am Anger.

It’s strange when I see you sometimes enjoying falling under my spell, even when I am not actually casting one. I really only want to do my job well – prevent you from bottling up your emotions. I only want you to stop wearing a mask of diplomacy while your insides are twirling in hate. I want you to step up and talk it out, to solve what’s causing you to feel the anger. But you all get so involved and distracted by my presence that you forget there is a healthy balance. You aren’t supposed to drink me in like the choicest wine and imbibe in violent outbursts. You give me a bad name!

I am just trying to do my job – to see you talk a problem through with your fellow human, to escort you through the maze of emotions you feel when faced with betrayal and other negative emotions. But let me reiterate, I am NOT one of them. I am here for your good, but learn to respect my presence.

Learn, humans, that everything in life should be in moderation. So accept me when I visit you but also learn to know when to stop using me as an excuse – your actions are your responsibility, not my fault.

(One-word prompt – Angry)


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