On Equating Problems With Bullies

We’ve all had bad days.

Those are the days when that figurative dark cloud dogging our every step gets really annoying. Sometimes, and this is something no self-respecting dark cloud should do, it clings to us and lets us do the hard work of carting it around. I think it finds it immensely entertaining to bring our frailties to the forefront! Finally, to top it all off, it patiently waits till we are feeling our worst and then gleefully sheds its girth atop our heads.

Oh, the nerve!

I’ve often likened my dark cloud to a bully.

We are advised to face bullies head-on, that they will back off because most of them are cowards at heart. Well, often, that trick works on my dark cloud as well. It may be heavy-laden with a lot of problems that are facing me at the moment but strangely enough, when I raise my head from my dejected posture and look directly at it, somehow, the cloud loses its hold on me.

It isn’t like my problems magically fade away. It’s just that sometimes facing my problems, figuring out why I fear them, comprehending the worst that can happen and remembering I can dump the whole lot at my Father’s feet, helps me put them into perspective.

The change in posture is immediately obvious – figuratively of course. What once was an unintended frail over-burdened bow from lugging around my dark cloud changes to a thumb-my-nose-at-my-dark-cloud and intentionally planned bow before my Lord, the God of my circumstances.

“So, Mr Dark Cloud, back away! Do you know who my Heavenly Father is? Hah!”

(One-word Prompt: Frail)


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