The Good Feast for the Brain

This is not one of our best traits, but is there anything humans enjoy more than sinking our teeth into and grabbing a tasty bite from a slice of juicy news? We want to know who got married, whose garden sprouted the best flowers this season, who flunked their exams, etc. And what do we do if there isn’t any local gossip to chew on?

Never fear when reality television is here! Just turn any one of the electronic devices on and, since reality television is all about catering to our gossip-obsessed taste buds, we can always find something to grab our attention in there.

But what’s wrong with feasting on some harmless reality television (and don’t forget digital media), you ask?

Nothing, really, if we make sure that the feasting is only occasional. Would we feed our children pastries all day every day? Or chocolates? They are good occasionally but we also know that good health comes from putting good food in the system.

So, then the question arises, what healthy bits of information are we feasting on daily. Are our brains fed foods that are beneficial – things that stretch our imagination and our senses to the maximum like reading things that make us feel proud of what humans have accomplished, going online to learn new languages or play crossword puzzles, writing articles just to get the creative juices flowing, etc – anything to shift from feasting on the entertaining to feasting on the beneficial.

And now that my creative juices have run amok for the last while, I guess I’ve done enough of the ‘beneficial feasting’ for the next couple of hours. Where’s my Facebook page and my Twitter? Did anyone post anything on Snapchat? Quick, what’s going on? 😛

(One-word Prompt: Feast)


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