Why Not To Ask Who The Older Sibling Is!

My sister, J, is four years older than I am.

Yes, sometimes I have to pull that slip of reality out and wave it frantically at the People of the world. Seriously, of all the things they could have spoken of, they opted to go with age? How asinine! Furthermore, because their lives would feel incomplete without this much-needed information, they just had to look at the both of us and go, “So, who’s the older one?” Good thing I have an unnatural sense of humor. It’s saved a lot of People from limping away with bumps on their heads.  😛

Anyway, J left home when I was 15; let me tell you, when 2 teenagers have been sharing a room all their lives, one is initially just glad when the other leaves because of all the extra space that is suddenly available. Missing each other was a notion we scoffed at… then.

However, the tide began to change and we never saw the shift happen. She’d come home on vacations and suddenly, J and I had things in common to speak of – our philosophies on life matched, she understood my quirkiness and I comprehended her craziness. Maybe distance did make the heart grow fonder, or maybe J’s wacko roommates in college acted as quite the foil to my much saner (I know YOU don’t believe it, but some new reader just may. So, shush!) self, and she realized I was the lesser of the two evils.

It’s been almost 18 years since then. The tides have never remained consistent – we have long talks now like we never did before; we also have months of silence when the aforementioned elder sister refuses, for some weird reason or the other, to answer any and all messages.

I have no idea what the tide will bring when I see her next in 2 week’s time but I am excited to see if it is something new. I have never been able to fathom the complexity of our Relationship that behaves like the Moon and sets the tides moving, but I sure am, when I am not mad at her, extremely glad for its presence in my life. 🙂

However, when J comes visiting, if I have even one from the People section ask that dreaded question, heads will roll this time! Mwahaha!

(One-word Prompt: Moon )


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