Pinning Originals Down

How does your mind work?

Mine is a bit weird, in that it likes to spend loads of time quietly ruminating and wondering about things best left alone. It appreciates new things thrown at it and can’t wait to dig its figurative fingers into them. It sometimes goes into hiding when it’s person has to have conversations with people she’s just met ( I hate it when it does that!). And yet, there is one time I trust it completely – when it comes to pinning a good thought down.

As a writer, one of my favorite past times is grabbing hold of a fleeting thought, peering at it with my mind’s eye, dissecting it to make sense of it, figuring out how it came to be and where it could go.

There are some thoughts that are a bit faded – they’re the ones that were directly inspired by someone else’s thoughts. They aren’t Originals any longer and yet some of them can still be re-worked to form an innovative original thought. (Plagiarism is a big NO-NO.)

However, my favorites are the shiny thoughts – the ones that radiate a newness of concept. These Originals are special. They touch my mind just as gently as the other thoughts do but once my mind has grabbed hold of these Originals, has understood what they could become, they evoke a sense of immediacy. My brain urges my fingers to dash maniacally upon the keyboard documenting the idea the Original thought suggested.

It’s crazy but, oh, so much fun. That moment when the Original has been birthed on the page, when the ache in my finally-resting fingers can be felt, when my brain sighs in contentment at a job well done – that moment is the epitome of bliss.

At least, that’s how it often works for me.

One-word prompt: (Original)


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