Why Not To Ask Who The Older Sibling Is!

My sister, J, is four years older than I am.

Yes, sometimes I have to pull that slip of reality out and wave it frantically at the People of the world. Seriously, of all the things they could have spoken of, they opted to go with age? How asinine! Furthermore, because their lives would feel incomplete without this much-needed information, they just had to look at the both of us and go, “So, who’s the older one?” Good thing I have an unnatural sense of humor. It’s saved a lot of People from limping away with bumps on their heads.  😛

Anyway, J left home when I was 15; let me tell you, when 2 teenagers have been sharing a room all their lives, one is initially just glad when the other leaves because of all the extra space that is suddenly available. Missing each other was a notion we scoffed at… then.

However, the tide began to change and we never saw the shift happen. She’d come home on vacations and suddenly, J and I had things in common to speak of – our philosophies on life matched, she understood my quirkiness and I comprehended her craziness. Maybe distance did make the heart grow fonder, or maybe J’s wacko roommates in college acted as quite the foil to my much saner (I know YOU don’t believe it, but some new reader just may. So, shush!) self, and she realized I was the lesser of the two evils.

It’s been almost 18 years since then. The tides have never remained consistent – we have long talks now like we never did before; we also have months of silence when the aforementioned elder sister refuses, for some weird reason or the other, to answer any and all messages.

I have no idea what the tide will bring when I see her next in 2 week’s time but I am excited to see if it is something new. I have never been able to fathom the complexity of our Relationship that behaves like the Moon and sets the tides moving, but I sure am, when I am not mad at her, extremely glad for its presence in my life. 🙂

However, when J comes visiting, if I have even one from the People section ask that dreaded question, heads will roll this time! Mwahaha!

(One-word Prompt: Moon )


Meeting a Fence Head-On

A decade and four years ago I learned to ride a motor scooter – well, I tried.

Since then I’ve often wondered why a couple of semi-sane parents would buy their daughter a scooter when she has, in the past, very often and quite painfully displayed a penchant for being a klutz.

It’s not like they woke up one morning and went, “Maybe we should help her overcome her klutziness and the best way to do that is to put her on the road in control of a slow-moving vehicle.”

Umm, maybe that’s what they actually did because I soon was the surprised but proud owner of a scooter which, thanks to my petite frame and skinny structure, weighed a ton.

I wasn’t going to let that get in my way, though. I quickly found myself perched precariously on my brand new scooter. My childhood sporadic bicycle-riding moments rose heroically to the rescue and helped me to keep the scooter vertical and moving in a relatively straight line till I got to the end of my quiet lane.

But, gulp! How do I turn this thing around? Did I mention it weighed a gazillion tons?

So, there I was, calculating the axis of rotation and other totally irrelevant things in my head, when my scooter decided to take matters in hand. It decided it had had enough of my clumsy handling. It wanted to stop and smell the roses and unfortunately for me, the roses that grew closest to the road were the ones overhanging a neighbor’s fence.

Now this was no ordinary wooden fence. This was a sturdy metallic fence with absolutely no give to it. You could see into the garden through it and, as a result, the roses were clearly visible too.

Before I knew what was happening, my scooter had raced to the fence closest to the roses and met up quite forcefully with it. There was a loud resounding thud and a fraction of a second later, my rose-obsessed scooter and I were both smack down on the ground, in close association with that aforementioned metallic fence.

Let’s just say it took me a long while to live that one down, especially as many of my neighbors came to help my scooter and me up.

I haven’t been a big fan of scooters or metallic fences since that day. But it did help my parents realize that putting me in charge of a moving vehicle on 2 tires was not the brightest plan when I didn’t have a successful history of being adept on 2 legs.

(One-word prompt: Fence)

Relationship in Progress

I like a semi-regular dose of science fiction in my life. It can be from a book or a movie – I don’t really care. But I like stretching the limits of my imagination to comprehend the existence of the inexplicable. However, the movies and shows I watch are rarely dependent on the reviews people post. I usually go with my instinctive response to the first fifteen minutes of the show/movie. Sounds illogical to some, I know. But it certainly is fun – not knowing what to expect and as a result, having the opportunity to form my own ideas without being influenced by someone else’s.

My husband, L, on the other hand, is the sort of guy who loves documentaries and biographies. He conducts a comprehensive survey before booking movie tickets or starting a new series on Netflix. He enjoys collating copious amounts of research on everything before making his mind up. He likes being prepared and appreciates the heads-up reviewers offer.

After 7 years of marriage, L and I have come to an understanding – I don’t always get him and he doesn’t always get me, and we’re okay with that. We still have moments of what-in-the-world-is-he/she-thinking, but it isn’t as often as it used to be. 🙂 Now, when L sees me jump into something headfirst, he doesn’t look bewildered and wonder aloud if I have lost it – well, he doesn’t make it obvious at least. And, when L spends hours researching something inconsequential, I don’t lose my patience… often. 🙂

We have, I think, arrived at our version of a healthy relationship. It isn’t picture perfect – as no relationship is. But we’ve found that what makes us happy together is knowing we’re different and finding the advantages in each other’s differences – L is more spontaneous because of me, and I am armed with a lot of data before making huge decisions because he does the research. However, there still are days this understanding doesn’t stop an argument in its tracks. That’s when we located another gem of wisdom – the importance of keeping a healthy distance till tempers cooled.  😛

And, thank God, it’s a relationship progressing in the right direction. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

(In response to the day’s one-word prompt – Healthy)

Siblings -Take ‘Em Or Leave ‘Em

Siblings – I can take them or leave them. Right now, I want to take one (J), thump her on the head and drop her back – preferably on that recently-thumped head. The other one (T) isn’t in my bad books at the moment, but knowing him, it won’t last long. And the fact that I am the youngest is definitely not helping me any.

So, despite the tiffs and witty repartee that are exchanged on an almost-daily basis, why do I love them to bits?

Maybe it’s because we keep each other grounded. Got a new promotion and feel like the world obviously owed you that – your sibling will, through the course of a few pithy comments, reduce you to a weak reflection of your earlier self. Did better in an exam than your siblings did the previous year – it’s because of the notes they gave you and not your own awesomeness. Get together as a family and you fear that one of them will bring to light some old gaffe that you hadn’t mentioned to your spouse.

Or maybe I love them because we have each other’s backs – we keep each other’s secrets, provide support when faced with a difficult decision, give encouragement when necessary, suggest ideas for gifts to parents and spouses, endure each other’s quirks, and a million other things.

Okay, maybe remembering why I love her is not the best way to prepare myself for thumping J. Oh, well, it’s going to be a ‘loving’ thump then. And as for T, well, what sort of a brother would he be if he let J bear  an imaginary injury all on her lonesome self. So, just to help him stay on top of his ‘brotherly’ responsibilities, he’ll be gifted with a well-aimed thump on the head as well.

Ah! All the stuff I have to do to help out my siblings. 🙂


*Disclaimer: None of the people mentioned here have now or ever been bodily harmed by this blogger. Fictional injuries do not count in the physical realm. 🙂